The 2006 Prime Minister Election was held nationally on November 7, 2006. Incumbent Jerry Brown won a heavily contested race against Max Cleland, a former Senator from Georgia. Other challangers included Tim Kaine, then-Governor of Virginia, and Howard Dean, then-Governor of Vermont. Incumbent Jerry Brown won re-election with 29% of the popular vote, with Nunn in second with 26%, Dean in third with 25%, and Kaine in last with 20% of the vote.



2006 Election PM

Closest States (>1%)Edit

State Winner Second-Place Margin
North Carolina Tim Kaine Jerry Brown 0.04%
Tennesee Tim Kaine Max Cleland 0.12%
Colorado Max Cleland Jerry Brown 0.49%
Arkansas Max Cleland Jerry Brown 0.52%
New Jersey Jerry Brown Max Cleland 0.67%
Maine Howard Dean Max Cleland 0.74%
Connecticut Howard Dean Tim Kaine 0.77%